At the ISB 2017 Convention
where we introduce to the
World the First Soft Flight
Bass Case!!!
Detail of the Soft Case.
All Hardware are attached
with bolts going through the
1"X 2" Carbon Bars.
Totally SECURE!
This NEW VERSION of the Rabbath Case
includes useful new features, in addition to its
unique "SUSPENDING SYSTEM" (patented), which
keeps your musical instrument inches from the
inside wall of the case, eliminating vibration.


#1  Your Trunk ceases to appear hostile to the
Custom and Airport workers, (heavy, tough etc..)
by looking like luggage (soft, fragile)

#2  Your Soft case can be rolled on its Side! No
more intimidating height at the Airport Counter
when you check in! It is, after all, "big luggage".

#3  Locks are the most simple in the World: Just
2 Nylon Strips, no keys.
No complicated lock that exhausts Custom's Brain

#4  One extra handle placed on front of the case
for vehicle loading.
Not easy to slide your case in the back of a car,
without this 'handle-smart' placement

#5  A removable Super Comfort Handle
This Handle TOTALLY protects yourhand. Even if
you have to drive your case all day, YOUR HAND
This is most important for a musician who needs to
perform same day.

#6  Case Weight Range is from
20 LB to 30 LB
ave. This depends on the options selected (like the
soft covering Kevlar instead of in Leather Carbon

#7  Its Removable Pin Hinges, which allow the
option to stow the case Nested,eliminates the
burden of huge volume, when storing between uses.

#8  Each case is handcrafted according to the
individual specifications of your Instrument, at no
additional charge.

Each Rabbath’case is 100% Guaranteed
               100% Premium Carbon Fiber  
The  RABBATH'CASE by Olivier
The Structure is done using
vacuum bagging technique,
which guaranty you the top
quality assembling (same tech.
to do Airplane, Racing Car,..)
#1 & #2
# 4
Annika with her Soft Flight Bass Case
With its Cover in Leather Carbon,
Soft and Ultra Resistant....
The Structure of the case : a cage
made of  1" X 2" steel bar (carbon
20K), your instrument in the middle is
100% SAFE!!!
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