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A-  Every order must be confirmed in writing by our
company in order to be valid.

B-  No reply on the part of the buyer within a period of
2 days following receipt of the confirmation of the order
is equivalent to the acceptance of this confirmation.

C-  The merchandise is sold ex-factory or ex warehouse
and delivery is for account and risk of the buyer as well
as NO damaged case can be returned , exchanged or

D-  NO Case Order can exceed a period of 6 months,
without prior agreement from ORA,Inc.

All orders are finale and irrevocable.

F-  A customer's failure to provide material or design
details (involving custom made case),will be considered a
breach of contract and releases the producer / Company
from contractual expectations.  
No Deposits will be returned.

G-  The terms within which payment must be made is
reckoned  as of the date of the invoice, and in no case as
of the date of shipment or receipt of the merchandise.

H-  The merchandise is
payable in NYC, no matter where
it is delivered. No settlement whatever may be made
which substitutes or repeals the clause requiring payment
New York City.

I-  Any complaints concerning merchandise which has
been delivered or pick up, shall only be accepted within a
maximum period of
2 days.

J-  No merchandise may be returned without prior
agreement by our company.

K-  Our company reserves the right not to deliver the
few pieces which may be outstanding to complete an
order, due to second-choice returns or machine
breakdown during manufacture.

L- Our company is released from any obligation to make
delivery, in the event of any circumstance which may
resemble force major, affecting its normal activities, and
the buyer cannot claim any indemnity therefor.

M-  Delays in delivery
may never give rise to claims
for damage or cancel order.

N-  Due to the accepted limits in the quality of the
finishing and the dye products, our company cannot
guarantee absolute uniformity or processing and of
nuances which are subject to the same limits.

O-  All disputes shall be brought before the courts of
NYC which are the only courts having jurisdiction, even in
cases of appeal involving.

P-  The merchandise listed on the front remains the
property until payment is made in full.
The buyer, nevertheless, shall be liable for the risks in
case of loss damages or destruction.
Failure to pay on the agreed due date may at any time
imply a claim for return of the merchandise without
formal notice or prior legal formality.
In every case, the buyer’s failure to make timely
payment shall entail his being immediately and absolutely
forbidden from selling or using merchandise still in his

Q-  By Placing an order, you agree to the Terms and
Conditions stated above.
The  RABBATH'CASE by Olivier